telegestion-elduThe term remote management refers to a group of products based on computer, electronic and telecommunications technologies, which allow the remote control of isolated technical or geographically distributed installations.

Motivated by the significant increase of energy costs, Eldu applies remote management to:

  • Savings on energy cost through:

– Invoicing control
– Energy control

  • Savings on exploitation costs through the installation technical management (Technical alarms in multi installations).
  • Set alarms for parameters/events status change.
  • Integrate parameters measured by different equipment to be determined by the customer (for instance: integration of analyst parameters connected through Modbus /485 integration), etc.
  • Monitor “watchdog” type parameters: notifying us of any value exceeding the defined ranges: voltage; current; power factor; deposit levels, etc.
  • Manage SMS or email lists associated with every alarm/event. Specifying intervention forms before every step. Who has to be informed and under what conditions, defining intervention protocols in each case.
  • Visualize an installation status (as well as the parameters that have been defined), at any moment, from your computer.
  • Report issues: monitoring and analysis of alarms/events records.
  • Display revision and update of the management software. Alarm list (active and historical).
  • Set up remote equipment from the computer.
  • Regularly test the communication with the installations or associated equipment.
  • Have the possibility of integrating functions of remote control in the system to be defined with the customer (possibility of mechanization operation, to activate processes), etc.