They are organizations that provide energy services. The payment of such services is based on the  energy  services savings obtained.

The services supplied by an ESCO are services which usually require a substantial economic investment.

The concept of this kind of service is that the company supplying the service will finance and execute the works, while the customer, with the savings obtained (“return”), pays for Eldu services.

Once the payment is completed, the customer will own the installations and thus will be able to continue saving.

Eldu ESCO offers a service based on its vast knowledge of the sector and its high level of excellence.


Acting scheme:

Phase 1: Hiring an Energy Services Company
Phase 2: Energy audit
Phase 3: Project design and establishment of savings guaranties
Phase 4: Project implementation
Phase 5: Project operation and management
Phase 6: Periodic control of consumption and goals


Hiring this energy service offered by Eldu allows for the energy evaluation and control of the installations, which implies an improvement in the quality of its actions regarding the following:

• Improvement on equipment performance
• Increase in equipment service life
• Maintenance or improvement of the level of comfort
• Decrease in electricity bills
• Reduction of operation costs
• Improvement of companies competitiveness
• Decrease in polluting emissions to the atmosphere

On top of all this, Eldu ESCO:

• Offers funding for project implementations.
• Renews the equipment to improve competitiveness. By the end of the process, the new equipment is owned by the customer.