ingenieriaWhat makes Eldu different from other electricity companies is that we offer a global service. We make our broad experience and expertise available to you in the area of consultancy and technical assistance for the energy and industrial sector.
We are experts in safety, reliability, as well as efficiency of electrical installations and other processes.

  • Turnkey projects
  • Basic and detailed design
  • Project feasibility analysis. Initial investment and operation cost optimization
  • Adapting facilities to current regulations
  • Legal control and management of facilities and modifications to them
  • Building and facility energy audits
  • Energy system studies and optimization
  • Advice, management and control over electricity billing
  • Selective protection studies for electrical installations
  • Earthing studies
  • Supply quality measures and studies
  • Energy efficiency

Electrical installation and assembly

montaje-electricoAt Eldu we have more than 50 years’ experience assembling electrical installations:

  • High voltage power control and protection systems
  • GIS, Hybrid, Outdoor and Traction Substations up to 400 kV
  • SVCs and outdoor condenser banks
  • Overhead and underground lines up to 220 kV
  • Transformer centers from 12 to 45 kV
  • Direct-current power systems and equipment
  • Erection of Generating set
  • Live working teams
  • Power, control and protection electrical switchboards
  • Charging posts (supply and erection)
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • Renewable energies: wind, offshore wind, and photovoltaic power
  • Construction and assembly of recharging stations for electric vehicles
  • Cold Ironing


Electrical Maintenance

mantenimiento-electricoAt Eldu, we take responsibility not only for the maintenance of electrical installations, but also for all periodical inspections and overhauls. With Eldu your organization will not have to worry about anything.

  • High voltage power control and protection systems
  • Protection and control of High Voltage power systems
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance for Low Voltage systems.
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance for systems up to 400 kV
  • Dielectric oil and liquid treatment and regeneration
  • Infrared thermography
  • Detection and repair of failures in underground electrical cables
  • Maintenance of classified zones, spaces open to the general public, etc.
  • Maintenance of spaces open to the general public
  • Inspections by Authorized Control Entities
  • Authorized disposal of PCB-contaminated equipment
  • Electricity supply quality analysis and parameter recording
  • Cleaning and silicon application to electrical insulators
  • Maintenance for generating sets
  • Charging stations: maintenance and post-sales service
  • Maintenance of wind, offshore wind, and photovoltaic installations