• Developing detailed engineering and project management.
  • Permitting of Thermal and Mechanical Installations.
  • Conducting Studies, Technical and Feasibility Solutions for all types of facilities.






Turnkey Projects

  • Air-conditioning systems adapted to any type of use.
  • Studies and solutions for energy-efficient thermal installations.
  • Fire Protection Systems.
  • Cooling for industrial processes and refrigerated industrial machinery.
  • Cogeneration for electricity and heat production.
  • Geothermics, biomass, solar-thermal energy.
  • Steam generation and networks for industrial processes.
  • Air conditioning for clean rooms.
  • Tunnel ventilation.
  • Compressed air facilities.
  • Solutions for fluid networks and thermal facilities.
  • Turnkey project management.

Maintenance for Facilities / Installations

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance: HVAC.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance: cooling equipment and fluid networks.
  • Maintenance of facilities by remote-management.
  • Maintenance of fire protection systems.